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AP Classes at the High School

AP (Advanced Placement) Classes at the High School

It is that time of year again. Time for high school students to sign up for the AP tests that they would like to take in May.

There are 11 AP classes offered at Sauk Prairie High School:

  1. AP European History
  2. AP United States History
  3. AP Calculus AB
  4. AP Statistics
  5. AP Physics
  6. AP Chemistry
  7. AP Psychology
  8. AP English Literature
  9. AP English Language
  10. AP Studio Art
  11. AP Biology-which was not run this year, but most likely will be next year

The AP classes do not cost the district any extra money and will not be “cut”. The only way a class will not be offered is if there is not a teacher certified to teach it or if there is not enough students signed up to take the class. Therefore, if students want to continue to have these types of classes open to them, they need to sign up to take them!!! The classes are really a good deal. Students can usually earn college credit if they get a 3 or better on the tests (tests cost $87 each). In some cases students can earn enough college credits in high school to equal a semester or two of college. That is a real savings. Of course each college has different criteria for how this works so to be sure, students should contact the colleges they are interested in and find out the exact details.