Gifted and Talented Topics and Issues

List of Opportunities


Elementary Opportunities

Grade 3 and 4

Challenge Math sheets-open to all

Math 24-Gr 4-5 open to all


Grade 5

Math meet- Math Meet Screener is given to students that score above 95% on STAR testing. The top 20 students are chosen to attend math meet practice. After several weeks the team is chosen by the math meet coach. (Middle School math meet coach-Kelly Olson)


Creative Arts-Students chosen by art and music teachers. Gifted children usually move through the stages of visual development at a faster than normal pace. Students are usually self directed, respond uniquely to light, color and sound, and are very creative and flexible. These children also think outside the box and demonstrate technical control which results from a more elegant finished product.

VISUAL ART checklist:

  • Elaborates on other people’s ideas and uses them as a jumping off point as opposed to copying from others
  • Shows unique selection of art media for individual activity or classroom projects
  • Has unusual and richly imaginative ideas
  • Composes with unusual detail and skill
  • Displays compulsive artistic pursuit
  • A student may be artistically gifted if he or she has an unusual ability for expressing self, feelings, or moods through art, dance, drama, or music, exhibits creative expression, or has an unusual ability for seeing and observing things in detail.

College For Kids- Students chosen by STAR reading and math scores. The top 2 STAR scores in both reading and math are added together. The top 8 students are chosen to attend.  2015 is the final year for CFK.


Accelerated Math 5/6-Students who have needs that are not consistently met in the classroom may need to have a differentiated math plan that includes compacting both 5th and 6th grade math in one year. Students are chosen by TOMAGS gifted math assessment (120 or above) STAR math scores (consistently above 96), WKCE  or other state standardized testing (consistently 97 or above) , two 5th Grade Common Core tests (above 70%) and teacher recommendation.


Sunshine Math/Challenge Math- Sunshine Math in 5th grade is used to challenge students that have shown exceptional math abilit,y but were not put into the 5 / 6 accelerated math class. Students are chosen by TOMAGS (above 105) and STAR (95% and above).


Grades 3-5


August Derleth-Open to all- Two students per grade level are chosen by a panel of judges for poetry, personal narrative and creative writing. Writing is evaluated for unique use of vocabulary, sense of humor and abstract and complex thinking.


  • A beginning that entices the audience to read more.
  • An ending that makes readers think, feel or do.
  • Logical and easy-to-follow organization.
  • Descriptions that that show, not just tell.
  • A voice and resulting tone that is appropriate to the subject and resonates with your audience.
  • A voice that sounds like a real person.
  • Strong feelings and honest statements.
  • Strong verbs that show how actions are performed.
  • Words that make ideas more specific.
  • Words that are meaningful and memorable.
  • Start sentences in different ways.
  • Correct spelling, including proper nouns.
  • Punctuation that makes the writing easy to understand.
  • Proper usage, particularly of technical terms.

Spelling Bee-open to all


Grades 1-5

UW Baraboo Summer courses– Open to academically talented students


Grades 2 and 4

TOMAGS gifted math testing to students that score 95 or above on STAR math

Middle School Opportunities

Grades 6-8

All Students can participate

Builders Club, Art Club, Game Club, Forensics, Battle of the Books, School Plays, Spelling Bee


UW Baraboo Middle School Summer Academy-open to academically talented students

UW Baraboo Summer Art- open to all

Grade 6-open to all

Math 24-only 6 students can participate in the regional tournament. These students are chosen by a  school 6th grade tournament.  Practices and the tournament are open to all.

Sunshine Math


Other Grade 6 opportunities:

Math Meet-students chosen by screener(Middle School math meet coach-Kelly Olson)

6th Grade math screener-This screener is given to students that score 85% or above on the STAR Math assessment and have an A in math. The score on the screener along with STAR and grades are used to choose students for the 7+ math class

6th grade Science screener-This screener is given to students that score 85% or above on the STAR reading and math assessment and have an A in science. The screener scores along with STAR scores and grade are given to the 7th grade science teacher. After the first quarter of 7th grade, this data is used to determine if a child qualifies for the opportunity to compact the 8th grade science curriculum as part of his or her differentiation plan.


7th Grade

7+ Math Students are chosen for 7+ math by the 6th grade math screener, STAR scores and math grades.


Leadership day-Some students are personally invited to fill out an application based on teacher recommendation regarding the student’s leadership potential. However, announcements are made, so any student can fill out an application. Applications are viewed to find students that show excellent decision making skills, are responsible, have high expectations of others and themselves, are self-confident, independent, organized, resourceful and self-sufficient. Students that qualify are added to a lottery drawing for the opportunity to attend.


  • well organized and organizes others
  • recognizes skills and abilities possessed by others
  • interacts with others easily showing social skills
  • recognizes and can articulate the goals of a group
  • can articulate ideas clearly
  • can listen to others empathetically
  • understands how people feel and how groups function
  • can give directions clearly and effectively
  • exercises authority reliably and responsibly
  • can adopt non-leadership roles within a group
  • can establish the mood of a group
  • supports others in a group when appropriate
  • can coordinate the work of several individuals
  • is often asked for ideas and suggestions
  • is looked to by others when something must be decided
  • knows what needs to be done


8th grade

Student council-open to all


UW Science Day-students are chosen by the science criteria used to determine science acceleration. However, it does not include students that are accelerated in science who go over to the HS for Biology. This is an opportunity to enrich the students that showed great science potential, but were not accelerated.


8th Grade Mentors– These students are chosen by Mr. Harter using  teacher recommendations.


Science Acceleration- data from the above science testing and the 8th grade science screener is used to determine if a student qualifies to skip 8th grade science and go to Biology at the high school during the child’s 8th grade year.


7th and 8th grade :

Show Choir-open to all

Math Meet– chosen by screener-Middle School coach-Scott Bakken

Spelling Bee-open to all



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