Gifted and Talented Topics and Issues

Duties of the Gifted and Talented Department

Duties of the Gifted and Talented Department


The Gifted and Talented Department in Sauk Prairie Schools focuses on meeting the needs of children in the classroom, if possible. The department works with teachers to provide them with extensions and challenges that can be done in the classroom with the child’s classroom teacher.


In most cases, the department assesses students who have consistently scored at the 95%ile or above on the STAR, State Assessment, or other standardized testing to see what type of differentiation or enrichment is needed. This assessment tends to be done in various ways, including work in small groups, individual testing, and conferencing with teachers and parents.


After extensive testing, some students may need more challenges than the classroom teacher can provide. In those rare cases the department may have a small group get together for instruction, or a child may be placed in a different classroom where he or she can get the required attention he or she needs.

We also facilitate several extra-curricular activities (see list of opportunities).

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