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Science of Everyday Life

3M has a great Science website. Go to here to find vitrual labs, Science exploration and games.

I especially liked the Young Inventors Hall of Fame. Click on each  inventor’s video. Pretty amazing!!!


Catchup Math

I was recently sent an e-mail about a web site called “CatchupMath”. It is designed for helping remedial  middle school students “catch up” in math. However, I was curious if it could be used to enrich  high-level elementary math students. After checking it out I was impressed and I thought I would post the web address:


Catchup Math is the perfect intervention for at-risk students and for review and test preparation for all students. Our programs cover Grades 6-7 Math, Algebra Readiness, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and Graduation Exam Prep.

Students take online quizzes that diagnose learning gaps. Prescribed review topics are explained by video tutorials, written lessons, animations, games and guided practice problems.

Summer Math Enrichment

For summer math enrichment you may want to check out:

(I have not had any students participate in this in the past, so if you child does this please let me know what you think.)

Summer Reading Lists

For great summer reading lists for children, teens and young adults go to:

Math 24 demo

Check out YouTube for a math 24 demo done by some 5th graders.