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Summer Opportunities

See link below for a 10-page list of summer opportunities for kids, courtesy of Amanda Jamae and the Greater Dane County Advanced Learner Network (GDCALN).  Note that some of the listings are oriented to the Madison/Dane County area, but MANY are elsewhere in the state.

Summer Opportunities

Educational Competition Info

Looking for a way to challenge yourself? Check out these sites:

50 Competitions Every Student Needs To Know About

7 Competitions to Get Your Students Fired Up About STEM


Summer-Enginerring Classes

Check out  for some great summer opportunities for students who want to learn more about engineering.

Here are a few of the cool classes offered!

  • Electronic Game Design
  • Lego Rescue Robots
  • Robo Battles
  • Survivor: Engineer’s Cove


Choosing the Right College

I would like to share an email that I received regarding GT students and choosing a college:

Dear Supporter of Gifted Education,

On behalf of Guilford County PAGE (Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education), an affiliate of North Carolina Academically Gifted and Talented (NCGAT) and a 501 c3 educational non-profit, I welcome you to share information regarding our March 26 and 29, 2015 webinars on “10 Key Steps to Finding the Right College.” These webinars are FREE and open to the public, and you are welcome to share information about the webinars with anyone you believe may be interested. 

Targeted to gifted educators, guidance counselors, and parents of academically-minded middle and high school students, these one-hour webinars are hosted by Susan Goodkin (Harvard Law, Oxford, Rhodes Scholar), a leading national college admissions consultant with the California Learning Strategies Center, who specializes in working with high achieving students and their families to find the right college fit. Advance registration is required at: The webinar is sponsored by Guilford County PAGE and is underwritten in part with donations from VF Corporation and the Cone Mills Charitable Fund.

 Our press release and webinar flyer are attached. Please let me know if you have any questions or require further information. 

Best Regards, 

Holly Stewart

President, Guilford County PAGE



50 Essential Links for the Parents of GT Children

Web resources to help parents of gifted children:

50 Essential links for the parents of gifted children

Cool Apps

If you are looking for some app  ideas for your smart phone or ipad check out Hoagies gifted web site.

Explore More-Science

UW Madison Science Alliance Info   (608) 332-5023

Events June-Aug

Summer Field trips-Thur and Fridays 10-11:30 am at Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (free)

 Saturday Science at UW Space Place Saturdays 10 am- 12:00 pm(free)

Third weekend of every month: Wonder Weekends at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center (cost $5.50 per person)

Third Friday of every month 8pm-10pm Party with the Stars: Tour of the Night Sky and Stargazing-UW Space Place (free)

First Saturday of every month: Saturday Science at Discovery at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (free)


Science of Everyday Life

3M has a great Science website. Go to here to find vitrual labs, Science exploration and games.

I especially liked the Young Inventors Hall of Fame. Click on each  inventor’s video. Pretty amazing!!!


Catchup Math

I was recently sent an e-mail about a web site called “CatchupMath”. It is designed for helping remedial  middle school students “catch up” in math. However, I was curious if it could be used to enrich  high-level elementary math students. After checking it out I was impressed and I thought I would post the web address:


Catchup Math is the perfect intervention for at-risk students and for review and test preparation for all students. Our programs cover Grades 6-7 Math, Algebra Readiness, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and Graduation Exam Prep.

Students take online quizzes that diagnose learning gaps. Prescribed review topics are explained by video tutorials, written lessons, animations, games and guided practice problems.

Summer Math Enrichment

For summer math enrichment you may want to check out:

(I have not had any students participate in this in the past, so if you child does this please let me know what you think.)