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Summer Opportunities

See link below for a 10-page list of summer opportunities for kids, courtesy of Amanda Jamae and the Greater Dane County Advanced Learner Network (GDCALN).  Note that some of the listings are oriented to the Madison/Dane County area, but MANY are elsewhere in the state.

Summer Opportunities

Northwestern CTD Accelerated Weekend Experience May 12 & 13 in Sun Prairie Grades 3-8

Spring 2018 Accelerated Weekend Experience
Prairie View Middle School Sun Prairie
May 12th & 13th  9am-2:30pm
Grade 3 & 4 – Aerodynamics and Flight
Grade 5 & 6 – Forensic Science
Grade 7 & 8 – Immunology
Cost: $265 – (financial assistance is available through Northwestern CDT)

Link to flyer