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Coding-Jobs of the future

Coding is looked at as a fundamental skill right along reading and writing. Over 90% of parents want their child exposed to coding.

Here are some links to check out. Some are for beginners and others for the more advanced student.

Scratch- I love this site!! Free

Khan Academy- computer programming-Free

Courses by 

Post Secondary code courses

Coursera– more than just coding courses FRee

Code Academy

Codemoji- there is a cost for this one

Code Monster-free

Comments on: "Coding-Jobs of the future" (2)

  1. Tracey Taggart said:


    What are the district offerings/opportunities for coding? At what ages are they offered?


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    • Hi Tracey,
      I am not sure what the district offerings/opportunities for coding are. I know that students have scheduled computer time each week, but I do not know the curriculum. I will say that with common core, the teachers do not have much time to implement things that are not mandatory and coding is not mandatory. I am excited about the money that received from the government to be used to train teachers. That might be a catalyst for schools to implement more coding. From the research I have done regarding coding, it seems like most of the education is self-driven and students are using the internet to learn how to code on their own. The GT dept has purchased programmable BOTS and have developed mini lessons for students. Currently we travel the district and work with small groups of 3rd graders.

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