Gifted and Talented Topics and Issues

SP School District Info

Here is a list of some of our events and the approximate starting times:

Middle School Forensics: Starting the beginning of November. Open to all students grades 6-8.  $15 registration fee. Scholarships are available.

Math 24- Starting the beginning of December. Open to all students grades 4-6. 4th graders will use the single digit cards, 5th grade will use the double -digit cards and the 6th graders will use the variable cards. District competition is in Feb. and the 6 winners from each grade level will move on to compete in Reedsburg at the regional competition in March.  No cost.

YAC-Young Authors Conference (previously known as the August Derleth Young Writers Conference) Currently open to students in grades 3-5. (We may be able to add 6th graders this year!) Completed pieces of work are due to classroom teachers by the end of Jan. The students will get info on this in early November, which will include the categories and writing prompts. All grade levels can enter poetry. The poetry pieces must be at least 8 lines long or if doing Haiku, 3 Haikus. All entries must fit on one page typed at 12 font. More detailed information will come to the students in November. No Cost.

Weekly Math Challenges: Grades 6. Open to all 6th graders. Each week challenge sheets will be available to students on the door of our office Rm 109. Points are awarded for correct answers and/or completed projects. Points can be accumulated for prizes.


Weekly Math 24 Challenge: Grades 6-8-Open to all middle school students-Each week 3 math 24 cards will be posted on the GT door, Rm 109. Students can fill out a sheet with the correct solutions to the problems, which will enter them in a weekly drawing for a prize.

Creative Arts Festival: Grade 5-students are chosen by their art teacher to attend this day-long event in Wautoma in April.



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