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Forensics, Math 24, CWYWC Writing Contest

Forensics is up and going for Grades 6-8. Students are busy writing their pieces, practicing their skits and perfecting their speeches for parent night, which is Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 6:30 in the Middle School library. Students are excited to participate in their first “festival” on Feb. 7th.

Math 24 practice has begun in classrooms and at lunch in grades 4-6. Students are challenged to find ways to make the 4 numbers on the card equal 24 by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

The CWYWC (Central Wisconsin Young Writers Contest) is underway. Students in grades 3-5 are encouraged to write a poem, story, personal narrative, or persuasive piece. Each grade level has specific criteria. For more information, contact classroom teachers. Due date for entries is Jan. 20 to classroom teachers.