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List of Summer Offerings

Click here for a list of great summer offerings.

Career Discovery Boot Camps

Career Discovery Boot Camps 2016

Are you searching for a summer program that will expand your 11-15 year old student’s enthusiasm for learning? Our intensive hands-on Career Discovery Boot Camp programs are geared to young people and are taught by Madison College faculty. Students may take courses for fun or as an introduction to the many career paths available at Madison College.

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Students can explore the following areas:student

Science Websites

IceCube Media Gallery-south pole


Biointeractive short films

Life Sciences



Reading Websites

Book Adventure

Read Works

National Geographic Young Explorer Magazine

Read Theory

News/Current Events

Student News Daily



English and Writing Websites

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

Poetry for Kids

American Folklore

Zooburst-Interactive 3-D pop up books

Creative Writing

Fun English Games



Typing tutor

Storyboard That

Comic Creator



Great Math Sites

Math Is Fun

Math Puzzles

More Math Puzzles

Logic Puzzles online

Math Mavens

Figure This

Printable Math Puzzles

Math Mazes

Cool Math

Fun Brain

Math 24-Summer Practice

For those students that want to practice math 24 over the summer. I have listed some sites for printable cards and online versions of the game.

Students can play any of the versions. However, there are school competitions for certain grades, so I suggest that if a student wants to participate they should practice the cards for their grade level.

The single digit cards are for students in grade 4 next year.

Double for Grade 5.

Variables for grade 6.

Free games online: 4nums, coolmath, mathplayground,

To purchase math 24 cards-from 24Game

To purchase math 24 cards from Amazon

Printable cards site one

Printable cards site two