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2015 WATG Teen Conference: The Ultimate Selfie: Unlocking Your Gifts and Talents

Friday: Nov. 6th

Attention Gifted and Talented Wisconsin teens! (ages 13 and up)

This year’s Teen workshop will show you how to hold your inner camera out and snap a shot of yourself as you really are. You’ll then use some effective filters to make the picture all you want it to be.

In the morning, “gifted guru” Lisa Van Gemert will guide you to discover your strengths and build them, recognize your areas for growth and minimize them, and name your insecurities and eliminate them. She’ll then work with you to seize your strengths, recognize the powerful forces in your favor, and learn your place in the world, increasing your motivation and a sense of empowerment.

In the afternoon, educational improv superhero Peggy Eserkaln will give you a chance to ‘post’ your new inner selfie! Through improvisational techniques and games, you will get experience with positive risk-taking and celebrating your individual strengths.

The $50 workshop fee includes materials, lunch, and snacks.

Dress comfortably and be ready to engage!

Click here to register by Friday, Oct. 30, 2015.


click here to go to the website


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