Gifted and Talented Topics and Issues

The SENG Model Parent Group (SMPG)

The Neighborhood House, 29 S. Mills St., Madison, WI

Thursdays, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

June 18, to August 6, 2015

Cost of program: $100 (sliding scale available)

Katherine Peterson, Facilitator, 847-508-0984,

What is SMPG?

• We are a group of parents concerned with the welfare of gifted children.

• We are creating community through discussion.

• We welcome everyone who wonders if their child is gifted, who seeks

support for understanding giftedness, 2e* challenges, learning differences,

motivation, advocation, intensity, perfectionism, underachievement and much


• SMPG was created by SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted).

Who are the facilitators?

• Katherine Peterson is a SENG-trained Facilitator since 2009, Co-Founder

of Entelechia, Inc., providing support for gifted families in Madison.

• Co-facilitators from the Madison-area gifted community.

• Parent of gifted children who have accessed education through public,

private, home school, early college and many other creative educational


What do we offer?

• The book, A Parents Guide to Gifted Children is included in the fee and is

our catalyst for exploration

• 10-week discussion group

• Helpful resources

• Positive conversation

• Knowledgeable support

• Constructive discussion facilitation

* 2e is an acronym for “twice-exceptional”; kids are both gifted and have a learning,

emotional, behavioral, or social challenge.


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