Gifted and Talented Topics and Issues

I have attached links to the flyers for the youth programs at UW Baraboo this summer for gifted and talented students.  Only $89 for the Middle School University and $84 for the Elementary Academy!

They will have both Elementary Academy, which is for students currently in grades 1-5 or Middle School University which is for students currently in grades 6-8.  They will accept the very high level kindergarten student BUT they should be able to be comfortable with their reading and writing skills to be appropriate for the classes with 1st and 2nd graders.  (It is a rare kindergartner that fits that criteria.)

As for the Middle School program, they are really excited about this year’s plans to hold classes all at Devil’s Lake State Park.  They will be keeping the group small so be sure to register early.

They also have scholarships available for those in economic need.  They use the “qualify for free and reduced lunch” as their indicator.

I have included the scholarship form in case you qualify.

Middle School University

Elementary Academy

scholarship form



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