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Game and Toy Recommendations

Pamela R. Clinkenbeard, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Foundations at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater recently sent out a link to NAGC’s (National Association for Gifted Children) annual toy & game review. She also sent a link to the “Parenting for High Potential” magazine article where they present this year’s list.

NAGC 2014 Toys and Games List


“Games and toys provide a way for children to explore different ways of thinking, moving, and interacting with friends and family members. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the perfect item for your child because the manufacturers’ recommended ages is often not correct for gifted children.  Additionally, games that look exciting from the box, can be repetitive after one playing. That is why NAGC traditionally runs an annual recommended toy article in Parenting for High Potential.

There are several different game and toy awards beside the NAGC Recommended Toy Award. Check out both Dr. Toy and the Mensa Select Games.