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Archive for January 3, 2013

Gifted in Wisconsin (GIW) Info

Here is a message from the Gifted In Wisconsin list serve:

Instructions on how to subscribe to the listerv, in order to obtain Gifted In Wisconsin (GIW) updates, there are several options available for obtaining GIW updates in a timely manner:

1) interested readers may join the GIW e-mail list here:
2) interested readers may e-mail a request to
3) interested readers may reply to any e-mail sent from and request future update e-mails.
Those on the GIW e-mail list, by any of the means listed above, will typically receive their notice of GIW updates sooner than those who receive their updates after they have been posted on WISGIFT-L or WISGIFTANNOUNCE-L.
Have a bright day!