Gifted and Talented Topics and Issues

  1. Asks many questions
  2. Learns rapidly
  3. Reasons well (good thinker)
  4. Extensive vocabulary
  5. Excellent memory
  6. Long attention span (if interested)
  7. Sensitive
  8. Perfectionist
  9. Intense
  10. Morally sensitive
  11. Strong curiosity
  12. High degree of energy
  13. Wide range of interests
  14. Great sense of humor
  15. Concerned with justice and fairness
  16. Keen observer
  17. Vivid imagination
  18. Highly creative
  19. Questions authority
  20. Good a jigsaw puzzles
  21. Shows ability with numbers
  22. Unusual capacity for planning and organizing
  23. Makes collections of things advanced for his/her age
  24. Shows high degree of originality
  25. Independent and self-sufficient
  26. Appreciates beauty
  27. Need to understand

I can list characteristics common to gifted children and use these characteristics as criteria to identify students. The drawback to this method is that many older children learn to hide their giftedness so as not to call attention to themselves, or to appear different from their classmates. Therefore, it is a mistaken assumption that it is easy to spot a gifted student when looking for common characteristics.

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