Gifted and Talented Topics and Issues


First of all,  parents know their child better than anyone else. However, it is hard for parents to be objective when assessing their own child’s progress. There are 3 categories of parents. The first group of parents don’t realize that their child is exceptional:  “Don’t all kids do that?” Another group of parents think their child is exceptional, when what they are doing is in the normal range for child development. Lastly, some parents are blinded by their own hopes and dreams and get “hooked” by the “gifted” label, which results in an unrealistic representation of their child’s abilities.

With this in mind, it is my goal to try and help parents be as subjective as possible in assessing their child’s potential.

To begin with, one measurable way to evaluate giftedness is to look at a child’s progression through the developmental milestones. A rapid movement through these milestones could be an indicator of giftedness.

(Check out this website of sensory, cognitive, language, social and behavioral developmental milestones: )

I want to note that milestones in general should not be used as a sole indicator of normal or abnormal development.


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