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AP Classes at the High School

AP (Advanced Placement) Classes at the High School

It is that time of year again. Time for high school students to sign up for the AP tests that they would like to take in May.

There are 11 AP classes offered at Sauk Prairie High School:

  1. AP European History
  2. AP United States History
  3. AP Calculus AB
  4. AP Statistics
  5. AP Physics
  6. AP Chemistry
  7. AP Psychology
  8. AP English Literature
  9. AP English Language
  10. AP Studio Art
  11. AP Biology-which was not run this year, but most likely will be next year

The AP classes do not cost the district any extra money and will not be “cut”. The only way a class will not be offered is if there is not a teacher certified to teach it or if there is not enough students signed up to take the class. Therefore, if students want to continue to have these types of classes open to them, they need to sign up to take them!!! The classes are really a good deal. Students can usually earn college credit if they get a 3 or better on the tests (tests cost $87 each). In some cases students can earn enough college credits in high school to equal a semester or two of college. That is a real savings. Of course each college has different criteria for how this works so to be sure, students should contact the colleges they are interested in and find out the exact details.

5 Areas of Gifted-Creative

The 5 categories of giftedness include,intellectual, academic, CREATIVE, artistic, and leadership.

This post is dedicated to the area of creativity.

Characteristics of Creative People: many original ideas, different from the norm, resist conformity, possess strong visualization and imagination abilities. Might show impulsive tendencies.

Creative and imaginative people are often not recognized by society. We only have to look at history to see how some people achieved greatness despite what others thought of them.

  • Einstein-was 4 years old before he started talking and didn’t read until the age of seven.
  • Isaac Newton-did poorly in grade school.
  • Beethoven-his music teacher said he was hopeless as a composer.
  • Thomas Edison-teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything.
  • Walt Disney– was fired from a newspaper job because his boss said he didn’t have any good ideas.
  • Louisa May Alcott-was told by her editor that she could never write anything that had popular appeal.

To celebrate the creative students from the Sauk Prairie district I, along with the art and classroom teachers, chose fourteen 5th graders to attend the Creative Arts Festival April 7th, in Wautoma.We are anticipating a super day!

Math 24 demo

Check out YouTube for a math 24 demo done by some 5th graders.

ACT info

High School students taking the ACT should know that even though the ACT has an option of sending only their top score to the college of their choice, many colleges are still requiring applicants to send ALL of their scores. UW Madison is one of these schools. I suggest students prepare and only take the ACT when they feel they are ready. Even though admission representatives say that they will only use a student’s highest score, I still feel that the fewer tries the better. When preparing for the ACT I suggest students obtain a paper and pencil practice test from the High School guidance dept vs. practicing over the internet. The paper and pencil test helps students gauge the time constrants of the test better than the online practice test.


This is a sad time for education in America, which means harder times ahead for gifted students in our schools. Those of us that are dedicated to providing challenging curriculum and opportunities for our brightest students, need to band together and advocate for quality education for ALL students.